Ricoh GXR objective 3,5-5,5/24-85 APS-C CMOS-Sensor 16,2 MP


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Product Description

The lens is a 24mm-85mm 3.5x optical zoom. For both expansive landscapes and narrow interior shots, try 24mm. A setting around 35mm is frequently used for candid photos and a natural wide-angle feel. For a field of view close to the naked eye, try 50mm, and for the feel of an intent gaze, there is 85mm. With this one lens there are many different ways to look at the world. Enjoy its versatility in handling almost all the subjects you will find in everyday shooting. The lens configuration has 11 elements in 9 groups. The use of three aspherical lenses (six surfaces) and high-refraction lenses effectively reduces various types of distortion across the entire zoom range. The result is high resolution and excellent contrast from edge to edge. In addition, the configuration of nine rounded aperture blades enables both highly precise aperture control and beautiful bokeh. This camera unit features a 23.6mm×15.7mm large-format CMOS sensor. The atmospheric feel and natural bokeh made possible by the large sensor size will enhance both the optical and artistic depth of your images. The approximately 16.20 million effective pixels provide the superior resolving power needed to reproduce the finest details of your subject. In combination with the image processing engine Smooth Imaging Engine IV, this image sensor provides low noise and high image quality featuring rich tonal gradations and a high-resolution feel With ISO bracketing you can record three images with different ISO sensitivities. Since the shutter speed and aperture settings are not changed, you can get exposure variations while preserving the same sense of movement and depth of field. There is also a function for maintaining the same shooting settings. By keeping the shutter release button pressed halfway after taking a picture, you can continue shooting with the same settings (focus, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, etc.). For exampl


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